Days Gone 2 was supposed to be a cooperative game

Days Gone 2 cooperative game

Former Sony creative David Jaffe hosted Jeff Ross, director of Days Gone, on his YouTube channel last weekend. As we found out last Friday, Sony reportedly turned down the idea of getting Days Gone its sequel, so it was interesting what the man who left the studio in the middle of it all would say about it.

And indeed, Ross revealed some ideas that the team hoped to fit into Days Gone 2. Primarily it was the idea of cooperative gaming in a shared world. In this regard, Ross stated the following:

“We wanted to include cooperative play in the first game, but we had to make some concessions about things that are not achievable. It’s one of those things we had in our offer to continue. It would be a game with guys like Deacon trying to survive, building houses, and a team. I think it would be interesting to see how battles with hordes would work in such a cooperative world. ”

Will there ever be a cooperative Days Gone? Judging by a recent report, it seems that it will not. However, Jeff Ross emphasizes that he is not able to confirm the fate of the game and claims that its status has not been publicly confirmed. He points out that his departure from the Sony Band had nothing to do with the status of Days Gone 2 or Sony's treatment of that studio.

In other words, if Days Gone 2 is initially rejected by Sony, it doesn’t mean it’s completely crossed out.

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