Dying Light 2 will have raytracing support on PS5 and XSX

Dying Light 2 raytracing

A few weeks ago, a short video came out in which the Techland team explains the situation regarding the sequel to Dying Light. That being said, Dying Light 2 hasn’t stopped developing but is working hard on that title. Although nothing specific was said, at the end of the video we got confirmation that the game should come out this year.

Now the main people of the development team have decided to talk a bit more about their upcoming game, commenting on its arrival on new consoles, its world, and other mechanics. In an interview with the Wccftech portal, it was once again emphasized that the player's decisions will significantly affect changes in the environment, both through the main missions and with the help of a special system that will be oriented to events in the city. They note that the map in this game is four times larger than the one in the first part, and will have much more vertical gameplay.

Dying Light was originally supposed to come on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, but Techland decided to completely reject that intention and focus entirely on the then-new consoles - PS4 and XONE. Dying Light 2 will not follow this process, but we will be able to play it on old and new generation consoles. The second part of the popular zombie parkour adventure will have raytracing support on the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X / S and the ability to play in 60 fps and 4K.

The developers claim that the open world in Dying Light 2 will be different from the open worlds of other games, mostly due to changes caused by the player’s decisions. In the game, we can also expect random and unexpected events, similar to those in Red Dead Redemption 2. Artificial intelligence will be a few steps above the original due to its extremely realistic and complex behavior.

We didn’t learn too much information about the main protagonist Aiden, but they revealed to us that he came to town in search of someone or something. As for the infected, in Dying Light 2 many more will be displayed on the screen, thanks to the improved engine. The game could last from 20 to 60 hours, depending on how you switch. They understand the fans' concern about the departure of several people from the development studio, but they assure that everything is still under control because at the same time a new workforce is coming to them.

In the end, they repeat that they will soon publish new information about the game itself. They do not want to rush but intend to ensure the development of the mentioned title so that the unprepared would not start talking about everything.

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