FIFA 21 arrives on the Xbox Game Pass and EA Play List in the fifth month

FIFA 21 Xbox Game Pass

Time flies and the moment is approaching when we will write about the announcements of new sports games. This also means that the six-month-old FIFA 21 will soon be available via subscription on all platforms. We don’t have a specific date yet when that will happen, but EA Sports has revealed that it will be sometime during the fifth month.

FIFA 21 will thus appear on the EA Play List (formerly Vault) and will be available for $ 4.99 per month, along with 70+ other Electronic Arts games. As the EA Play subscription is connected to the Xbox Game Pass subscription, Game Pass users will also get access to Fifi 21.

Now, what EA Sports hasn't revealed is exactly which version of Fife comes to subscribe - just the one for PS4 / XBO, or that + version for PS5 and XSX / S. It seems that this is the first option, but we are still waiting for confirmation.

In addition to Fife, NHL 21, from the 12th of this month, will arrive on the EA PlayList and Xbox Game Pass.

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