Final Fantasy XIV has been played by more than 22 million players so far

Final Fantasy 14 22 milion players

Square Enix’s Final Fantasy XIV has garnered 22 million registered players since its long release. This figure includes all those who have ever tried the game, including a trial version of the same. The real number of players who bought the game is therefore slightly smaller, but it is still a great success.

It should not be overlooked that this MMORPG was practically written off after the initial debacle on the PC platform. But since its re-release in 2013 in the Realm Reborn edition, it is still very lively, and will soon appear on the PlayStation 5 console as well.

Square Enix on Sony's new console promises faster loads and framerate, native 4K resolution, and support for 3D sound and haptic vibration that Sony likes to boast about. Open testing of Final Fantasy 14 on the PS5 console kicks off on the 13th of this month.

There is still no concrete news about the final appearance of Final Fantasy 14 on Xbox consoles. The head of Xbox, Phil Spencer, has been advocating for his arrival for years and claims that there are no longer "any obstacles" that would prevent the FF 14 from appearing on the Xbox in the future. In other words, the rest of the responsibility is on the capabilities of the developer himself.

Most of the other Final Fantasy games have come to the Xbox platform over time, so it remains to be seen if 14 will still be an unlucky number for the Xbox. Square Enix’s current focus has shifted to a new expansion called Endwalker, which we should be playing this fall on PC and PlayStation consoles.

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