A bunch of Titanfall content awaits us in the ninth season of Apex Legends

Titanfall Apex Legends

There has been a lot of speculation about Titanfall 3 in recent years. Even today, we don't have anything official about Titanfall 3, but Titanfall fans could soon get their money's worth in Apex Legends because, in the ninth season of that game, they will be greeted by a bunch of content from Titanfall.

This is not surprising given that Apex rests on the foundations of the Titanfall series, but thanks to the Twitch panel hosted by BrownGirlGamerCode, Apex Legends screenwriter Ashely Reed has revealed that Respawn is working to integrate Titanfall into future updates, as Titanfall is already largely part of the world. Game director Chad Grenier went a step further and confirmed that Apex Legends will contain "very cool things" that we will be able to recognize from Respawn's shooter series.

“Next season you’ll see a bunch of Titanfall content coming back into play. I've already told people, if they are fans of the Titanfall series, be patient, because they will be greeted by some extremely cool things. " Grenier stated.

Unfortunately, that's where the information stopped and all the speculation remains about what exactly will await us in the 9th season of the game, but judging by Grenier's statement, one thing is for sure - Titanfall is returning "one way or another".

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