Genshin Impact will receive a PlayStation 5 version later this month

Genshin Impact PS5

If you’ve been following earlier news about Genshin Impact then you know that this free RPG will get its version for the PlayStation 5 console. Now we know when that will happen - the answer is later this month, or more precisely - April 28. The PlayStation 5 version will bring support for native 4K resolution, improved textures, and faster game downloads. Short and clear - without any pretentious announcements.

On that date, Genshin Impact will also get a new extension through version 1.5, which the developers call Beneath the Light of Jadeite. This expansion primarily brings new comrades - Eulu and Yanfei. The two of them will have their own stories that we will be able to unravel and will help us fight new enemies.

Fans will probably be delighted by the new opportunity to build their own house. We will be able to build homes in several different locations such as Emerald Peak or Cool Isle. Arranging the interior of the house will be mandatory, especially if you intend to invite other players to your "yard".


Genshin Impact PS5 House


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