The fighting battle royale title Naraka: Bladepoint is moving into open testing

Naraka: Bladepoint beta testing

If you’re looking for something new and potentially a little different among a bunch of battle royale games, next week you’ll be able to try out Naraka: Bladepoint on your PC. It is a martial arts multiplayer game that was announced at the end of 2019 and is now nearing completion. Before the official launch, an open beta test will follow from April 23 to 25.

Applications for beta testing are accepted on Steam and you can register here to access them.

Naraka: Bladepoint promises a fighting battle royale or a close fight with an opponent. How close? In the game, we will have a hook that we can attach to the opponent and thus get closer to him. The hook will also be used to move around the environment because Naraka requires fast movements and a lot of verticalities (in translation: climbing on the roofs of buildings).

Naraka: Apart from a slightly different approach to the battle royale, Bladepoint will stand out for one more thing. It will be the first game made in the Unity engine to support Nvidia's DLSS technology for better gaming performance at higher resolutions. Below you can see a demonstration of the effectiveness of DLSS on RTX 3060 cards, and keep in mind that Unity Engine and Nvidia DLSS will be a commonly seen pair in the future as DLSS will be natively integrated into Unity by the end of 2021.

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