Outriders already on the first day on Steam became the most successfully launched game of Square Enix

Outriders PC

A third-person SF shooter called Outriders was launched on PCs and consoles yesterday. It is one of the few high-budget games this month, so the players immediately showed that they are thirsty and eager for such. After Outriders on Steam for three weeks was among the best-selling games (through preorder), it has now become Square Enix’s most successful game in terms of the number of simultaneously active players on Steam.

According to SteamDB, 111,953 Steam users played Outriders at the same time yesterday, which is a pretty respectable number for a new IP. By comparison, the far more famous IP Marvel’s Avengers was only played by 31,000 players on Steam after its release. For Square Enix, the previous record for simultaneously active players was held by Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, played at one point by 55,351 people - and that was five years ago.

Admittedly, not everything went very smoothly for the Outriders. The launch of the game was accompanied by several server problems. Some players couldn’t even connect to the game, and those who managed to do so were kicked out of the server after a while. Therefore, the reactions of players to the game are not very favorable, and among the first 3500 user reviews, almost 40% of them are negative, primarily due to the instability and unavailability of the server.

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