Knockout City will be free to try out this weekend

Knockout City free weekend

Electronic Arts
inform curious players that this weekend they can try out their "deathmatch frontier" - a multiplayer title called Knockout City, which they announced less than two months ago. The game will have open beta testing on all platforms from Friday to Monday and will be played 3 on 3. Team KO, Face-Off, and Diamond Dash modes will be available on a total of four maps with four different balls.

You can already download Beta, on the official website.

Although we say that Knockout City is a game of border guards, its rules are somewhat different from that game. It does not take place on the playground, but on various maps, and the participants have special powers such as launching a large ball from the air or using a hovercraft.

The full version of the game should appear on May 21, 2021.

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