The Elder Scrolls Online on the next-gen console arrives in early June

The Elder Scrolls Online PS5 and Xbox Series X

A new version of the popular TESO simple name (so everyone can understand) The Elder Scrolls Online: Console Enhanced arrives on June 8 on the Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X | S consoles. Tamriel Unlimited in the true sense of the word arrives in smooth 60FPS on both platforms. Of course, that's not all. With greater draw distance, higher resolution textures, better and higher quality antialiasing, and ambient occlusion, TESO in a new guise on consoles guarantees a more visually fancy edition than before. But with all the visual promises, Bethesda promises us even more surprising news as the release date of the Console Enhanced version approaches.

While we wait for Bethesda to reveal to us what else is hiding until the release date, let’s enjoy the benefits of the new trailer.

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