Resident Evil Re: Verse delayed

Resident Evil Re: Verse delayed

Resident Evil Village will not have the promised multiplayer component when it comes out next week. The so-called Resident Evil Re: Verse, in which the characters from the Capcom horror series were to be reckoned with in Deathmatch, has now been postponed to the summer of 2021.

This is the outcome that was expected. When announcing this 6v6 multiplayer component, Resident Evil fans mostly expressed displeasure, claiming that such a thing is unnecessary for the cult horror series and that the resources to make it could have been better spent on something else.

Re: Verse was supposed to start testing this month despite the negative reception, but it only took a few hours and the whole thing went off without a clear answer as to why. Many took this as confirmation that Re: Verse would be no more successful than the Resistance component that accompanied the Resident Evil 3 remake last year and was forgotten in record time.

Fortunately, the postponement of Re: Verse will not affect Resident Evil Village - that game is still planned for May 7. And as we recently learned, in addition to the main campaign, it will have a favorite fan mode - Mercenaries. It will not be playable as a multiplayer component, but it is well accepted.

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