Another next-gen game has been postponed, The Invincible arrives in 2022

The Invincible postponed

It is easily possible that one day we may be hit by the news that the next generation of games has been postponed for a year. Of course not, but sometimes it seems like it is. After Deathloop was postponed yesterday, we get the news of the postponement of another next-gen game, this time for 2022.

The Polish team of Starward Industries has admitted that their survival game The Invincible is no longer planned for this year, as it was originally announced. Now they plan to complete it in 2022.

The Invincible is Stanislav Lem’s 1964 SF story about a voyage to the planet Regis III that contains numerous secrets and forces the crew of a single ship to reconsider their views on life. Adaptations of this story in the form of a video game bring an atompunk atmosphere and a retro-future from an era when humanity struggled to push itself off Earth into unknown outer space.

Hand on heart, we haven’t even seen the game on the move yet, and given the slow growth of PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X / S console users, it may not be a bad thing that The Invincible will come a little later.

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