See what Turbo Overkill, a violent shooter, looks like

Turbo Overkill a violent shooter

A Trigger Happy Interactive shooter called Turbo Overkill is coming to Steam SOON. A review of the gameplay has been released on this occasion, and in those five minutes of video, you will probably want to play this fast and violent shooter. Turbo Overkill acts like a cyberpunk Doom, Quake, or Painkiller, and although it doesn’t aim for realistic graphics, it still has eye-pleasing effects.

It is a game in which, as a street cleaner, we will "clean" the streets of Neo-paradise through three missions. Our cleaner will be well equipped for his job and will have a chainsaw instead of afoot. And then of course the motorcycle slip attack. In addition to shooting monstrous opponents, there will be jumping and searching for hidden mix cassettes that will unlock hidden levels.

Like in the good old days!

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