It is reportedly in the making of The Last of Us Remake for the PlayStation 5

The Last of Us Remake PS5

The story of Sony's hit The Last of Us from 2013 will be reworked for the format of a television series that we will watch in late 2022 or early 2023. But maybe before that, we get another reworked story of Last of Us - in the form of a game.

Namely, a very reliable portal Bloomberg, ie journalist Jason Schreier, reveals that Sony has had a plan to make The Last of Us remake for some time. Three years ago, Sony's studio in San Diego gathered about 30 employees who wanted to remake the first game in the Uncharted series. But they quickly realized that the project would be too expensive, so they decided on something even more ambitious - a remake of the first The Last of Us.

The argument was that The Last of Us was an easier choice to remake because the game was more modern and wouldn’t require as many interventions as the first Uncharted. Sony gave the green light for the rehearsal and the project was given the code name T1X. By the spring of 2019, a team kept secret by Sony had reworked one segment of the game that was to be demonstrated to the public.

However, then there were changes in the leadership of Sony Interactive Entertainment. New Sony studio chief Hermen Hulst was not thrilled with what he saw and felt such a project was too expensive for the new team. Before the TLOU remake entered official development at all, The Last of Us Part II was postponed and an unnamed studio was transferred to the project to help the Naughty Dog team complete the game.

Upon completion of The Last of Us Part II, the roles rotated and Naughty Dog was given the task of taking over the development of a remake of the first The Last of Us game. However, that did not sit well with the team that started working on the processing. The team that initiated the T1X project largely disbanded after Sony’s move, so TLOU reworking lost the director and other key developers.

Bloomberg reports that the project is still under development and that a PlayStation 5 console is planned. Also, they discover that other Sony teams do not have roses in bloom. The Sony Band team, which made Days Gone, tried to pull out a budget to make Days Gone 2 last year, but it seems that Sony was not interested because the first part picked up lukewarm reviews.

Instead, part of the Sony Band team was allowed to work on a new Uncharted game under the supervision of Naughty Dog, but team leaders feared Sony attempted to merge their studio with Naughty Dog and demanded that they be removed from developing the new Uncharted. That happened last month, so Sony Band is working on its game, and the new Uncharted is on hold.

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