Chinese fishermen smuggling graphics cards

Chinese fishermen started smuggling graphics cards

That the situation with the demand for graphics cards has spiraled out of control is also shown by the case in Hong Kong, where an attempt to smuggle rare and valuable items was recorded earlier this week. One fishing boat thus transported some exotic food such as sea cucumbers, shark fins, and - over 300 graphics cards.

The smugglers thus tried to smuggle computer components worth a total of about 257 thousand US dollars. The 43-year-old owner of the ship that was transporting these goods faces up to seven years in prison.

Fortunately for PC gamers, the seized graphics are not for gaming but cryptocurrency mining. The cards have not been identified, but apparently, they are Nvidia's CMP 30HX devices. However, no matter what the cards are, this case clearly shows the extent of the shortage and high demand.

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