A new Fast & Furious game has been announced

As much as the Fast & Furious movie series is commercially successful, so many video games in that franchise are criminally bad. From F&F: Showdown to F&F: Crossroads, we had disappointment to disappointment. If you are sick when you hear that another game is planned - I understand. But another game is planned.

This time, the virtual Fast & Furious will be without Vina Diesel and will be based on Netflix's animated series F&F: Spy Racers. I had no idea it existed. Either way, the game will be called Fast & Furious: Spy Racers Rise of SH1FT3R and will be available from 11 months on all platforms ever. It will cost $ 35.

The rise of SH1FT3R will bring a race in which drivers will have to use 15 different weapons to relentlessly breakthrough to first place and win. The game will be able to be played against computer opponents or other players, and a co-op couch will also be available.

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