Green Hell is coming to the Playstation and Xbox next month

Green Hell is one of those survival games that for some reason hasn’t been yelled at at all the bells, and in my opinion, deserves more attention than the far more popular The Forest. Maybe he gets that attention by coming to the consoles, which will happen on June 9 this year, the developers from the Creepy Jar team have confirmed to us. More precisely, then the versions for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles arrive, while the version for the Switch has been out for some time.

Green Hell in the PC version still gets additional content (Spirits of Amazonia) and will probably get them on consoles a bit later. For now, the main campaign that players on consoles will be able to play on their own or in a two-member co-op will be enough. The story of Green Hella otherwise follows a married couple Jake and Miu Higgins who explore the Yabahuaca tribe in the rainforest, trying to uncover the secret of their good health. But things aren’t as they seem, Mia disappears (because that’s something Mie does in games), and Jake starts to feel like he didn’t come to the wild rainforest for the first time.

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