Despite the promise that there will be no microtransactions, you can now buy skins at Doom Eternal

Doom Eternal microtransaction skins

Even before the release, Bethesda firmly promised that Doom Eternal would not have microtransactions. “You can unlock everything by playing, Eternal is a $ 60 game, not some F2P or mobile game,” claimed creative director Hugo Martin.

A year or so and one sale of Bethesda to Microsoft later a completely different story. Two cosmetic packages have appeared on Steam, Xbox, and PlayStation for $ 5 and $ 9. DOOMicorn Master Collection Cosmetic Pack offers skins that could be previously unlocked through Twitch, and the more expensive Series One Cosmetic Pack offers skins that were previously in the first season that could be unlocked by collecting XP.

Players on the internet are furious, which is to be expected. What’s the point of even buying skins of this type in a game that’s a mostly single-player title? We say the majority because multiplayer Battle Mode is no longer played by anyone anyway. Nor did anyone play it.

This in itself is not a scary movie. Microtransaction as a microtransaction. It is completely unnecessary and no one is forcing us to buy it. But after doing a marketing campaign with the slogan “microtransactions are bad” then this is at least a hypocritical move by Bethesda. Or Microsoft?

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