Discord arrives on the PlayStation console

Discord arrives on the PlayStation console

Just a few weeks ago, it was written about how Microsoft could put the growing Discord platform under its wing, which uses more than 140 million people a month to communicate. Those negotiations failed, and now an unexpected turnaround has taken place - Discord is entering into a partnership with Sony, that is, with their brand, PlayStation.

Sony said today that they are working on integrating the Discord with the gaming experience on the PlayStation Network and that their goal is to bring the Discord to the PlayStation console and PS mobile app in early 2022. Sony has also decided to invest a certain amount in Discord to make this happen.

The appearance of Discord on the PlayStation will allow users to communicate with other users outside the PlayStation network, and to join servers and groups of various topics and purposes. The advent of Discord should replace the shutdown of the PlayStation Communities option and make it easier to find interested gamers.

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