Final Fantasy 14: Endwalker expansion release date

The next expansion for MMORPG Final Fantasy 14 will be launched on November 23, 2021. An extension called Endwalker will appear simultaneously on all platforms (PC, PS4, PS5), and those who order it will be able to access it four days earlier - from 19. 11.

As already announced, Endwalker will bring a new story with two additional classes. We already had a chance to meet Healer Sage, and now the DPS Reaper class has been revealed. This class uses hair and can summon a spiritual avatar to help it fight.

Among other announcements, we saw a new playful race - the male Vieru, the new Loporrits tribe, the town of Old Sharlayan, and a major threat called The Magus Sisters. A new "movie" trailer lasting as much as six minutes has been shown, which we present below.

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