The Xbox Series X and S will soon become the first consoles to support Dolby Vision technology

Xbox Series X and S Dolby Vision technology

Owners of Xbox Series X and S consoles registered in the Xbox Insider program can now test support for Dolby Vision technology. Of course, provided they also have a TV that supports it. Official support for all users will arrive shortly after that testing phase, and the Xbox Series consoles will be the first on the market to support Dolby Vision.

But what is Dolby Vision anyway? In short, this is a slightly more advanced version of the image display than the classic HDR10 as used so far in games. According to the official description, Dolby Vision promises the following in the context of gaming:

“Dolby Vision allows players to see brighter accents, sharper contrast, and more vibrant colors. Areas like lush forests, secluded war zones, or neon cities from the future with Dolby Vision are getting even more color. With Dolby Vision, you can more easily learn an enemy hiding in the shadows through expanded contrast and greater image clarity in light and dark scenes. ”

Of course, this is all a marketing spike, and applications will always be limited given that not all TVs support Dolby Vision. Still, it's good to see the collaboration between Dolby and Microsoft, given that in the field of HDR, Xbox Series consoles currently have richer support than competing consoles thanks to Microsoft's automatic HDR technology in games that don't even support HDR.

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