The future of The Outer Worlds is in Microsoft's hands

The future of The Outer Worlds is in Microsoft's hands

These legal relationships and laws are strange when it comes to intellectual property, at least if you ask Take-Two Interactive president Karl Slatoff, who himself was confused in a recent address to investors by saying that his company considers The Outer Worlds a "long-term franchise". . Maybe so, but certainly not for Take-Two.

Namely, the game in question was released under the auspices of the Private Division (which belongs to Take-Two), but this does not mean that the publisher is thus guaranteed the rights to that IP. So, the rights to The Outer Worlds remain with the development team of Obsidian Entertainment, and since they have a new owner in Microsoft since 2019, The Outer Worlds may become Xbox exclusive in the future.

Take-Two seemed to be looking forward to the sequel to the series, but the happiness didn’t last long so they soon denied themselves and said they wouldn’t be involved in future projects related to The Outer Worlds. The confusion probably occurred on a private level, although it’s a bit strange that the president of a large company like Take-Two wasn’t aware of who owns the ownership of Outer Worlds.

Well, that’s also part of the corporate culture that Obsidian can make fun of in the eventual sequel. It remains to be seen what I can do with The Outer Worlds at Microsoft, given that the first part has sold more than three million copies, which would mean that there is certainly interest in the sequel.

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