Mass Effect: Legendary Edition on Steam set a new record

Mass Effect: Legendary Edition on Steam set a new record

Many players returned to saving the galaxy in the Mass Effect trilogy last weekend thanks to the launch of a remaster collection called the Mass Effect Legendary Edition. On the PC, that launch set a new record for activity in BioWare games.

According to SteamCharts statistics, 59,650 players played Mass Effect LE on Steam at one time, which is the best result of a single-player game for Electronic Arts on Steam. Only Apex legends (330 thousand) had more simultaneous players than Electronic Arts games.

Admittedly, the record doesn’t tell us exactly the whole picture as Electronic Arts only returned its games to Steam the year before last, including BioWare hits like Mass Effect 3 and Dragon Age Inquisition. After the release of Mass Effect 1 on Steam, the game was played by a maximum of 2792 players at a time, while Mass Effect 2 for some reason recorded a lower score of a maximum of 2275 active players.

This result is primarily an indicator of how much player activity on Steam has increased in the last few years, in parallel with the number of users. In addition, Electronic Arts is probably a good confirmation that it has an audience on the PC platform that is eager for such games.

In addition to Steam, the Mass Effect Legendary Edition in the PC version is also available on EA Play (and via a Pro subscription).

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