The new Metal Slug game is made by the creators of CoD: Mobile - Trailer

It was confirmed last year that the new game from the cult series Metal Slug will come in a version for mobile devices - Android and iOS. The development of the game was embraced by TiMi Studio, the same one that switched Call of Duty to a mobile release, and although we still don’t have either the final name of the game or its release date, we got a new trailer with a montage of gameplay scenes.

Since I haven’t played Metal Slug in years, it’s hard for me to say what’s new here. A little more emphasis on coin collecting may be noticed, and at one point it seems like the game could be like some Metroidvania, where all the levels are connected. About a dozen boss opponents are shown, but as stated in the promotional material - these are shots from the beta version and are not a mirror of the game that awaits us sometime in the future.

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