Windows 10X may be canceled, but Windows 10 "Sun Valley" is coming

Windows 10 “Sun Valley” arrives

According to the latest information coming from Microsoft, the project of the new Windows 10X operating system has been canceled, but all efforts have been redirected to the existing Windows 10 and its substantial improvements, especially the next major update called "Sun Valley".

Every day, more and more evidence is emerging about how Microsoft is rapidly working to incorporate graphical interface enhancements for the next major cumulative update to the Sun Valley version. The new graphical environment that was developed for Windows 10X will be moved to the next version of the regular "ten" update.

This time it happened with the Action Center option. The illustrations speak in favor of the fact that the context menu got a “floating” design. So you can finally scroll the page while the menu remains in your field of vision. Some of the experimental options have appeared in the very core of Windows 10, where you can use WindowsShellExperienceHost.exe to activate some of the features that were only available in the Windows 10X version. These options are not yet available to users, even those in the "test" program. Only those who are familiar with programming in the Visual Studio tool can turn on and adjust the options in question. Also, the pop-up menu windows have rounded edges.

Much more is expected with the arrival of the newly updated Windows 10 "Sun Valley" version of the OS, which should become available to users during the second half of this year ...

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