Mario Golf: Super Rush, Mario is a master of golf

Nintendo has prepared a five-minute demonstration of Mario Golf: Super Rush, which is coming to the Switch console on June 26 this year. In the video below, you can get to know all the mechanics of the game, and you may be surprised at how elaborate they are. There are so many types of kicking the ball, scanning the ground…

We will play with a total of 16 different characters, and each character will have grades in five categories: strength, endurance, speed, control, and spin. Up to four players in local or network multiplayer will be able to be on the field at the same time. The courses themselves will be a combination of real golf parks and polygons from the Super Mario series that include lava and other types of obstacles.

Of course, the main "trick" in Mario Golf: Super Rush will be a mod called Speed ​​Golf. In this mode, all players/competitors move at the same time, and after the first hit of the ball, they race with each other to their ball. Whoever puts the ball in the hole first is the winner. Speed ​​Golf looks like golf has merged with Mario Kart, and to tell you the truth - it sold me the idea of ​​the game more than anything else. Here's what that craziness looks like:

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