Slitherine has announced four new games

The team has announced several wargaming projects in development. There will be something for everyone if you like this type of strategy.

Broken Arrow

The first title takes us into modern times, and it is about Broken Arrow, which will demonstrate tactical battles on a wide scale. The game will combine over 200 different units that will be sent to the battlefields, and they will be able to be further arranged with equipment. All of the above will be monitored in real-time and with a lot of action. It’s not known exactly when we’re playing this title, other than it should be soon.

Scramble: Battle of Britain

This is about simultaneous dogfight battles on moves that will be accompanied by dynamic flight physics for the best and most realistic tactical combat experience. Battles between the RAF and the Luftwaffe will take place in 3D space, and as these are simultaneous moves, orders to the units will be issued while time is paused. Unfortunately, this game did not get its trailer, but it is known that they should play it soon.

Scramble: Battle of Britain

Master of Magic

Fans of 4X strategies from the 90s might remember the Master of Magic experiencing a reboot. From Slitherine, they say that this is a very faithful reboot with identical mechanics players and the same huge amount of content. Nostalgics will still have to be a little patient because the release has been announced for next year.

Stargate: Timekeepers

The last game discovered is set in the Stargate universe. So Stargate: Timekeepers will be based on the Stargate SG-1 with a completely original plot that begins during the Battle of Antarctica. Here we will have the opportunity to travel through time and space and save civilizations, their friends, and allies from various threats. When we will have the opportunity to play the Stargate strategy is not yet known.

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