Super Mario: Facts you may not have known

Super Mario: Facts you may not have known

The first Super Mario game was developed 30 years ago

It was developed by Nintendo, 30 years ago, in September 1985. However, Mario himself was created by Japanese designer Shigeru Miyamoto a few years earlier and first appeared in the 1981 arcade game Donkey Kong.

Donkey Kong - Super Mario

Who is Super Mario?

Super Mario is an Italian plumber who lives in the mushroom kingdom, and his mission is to save Peach. He is often helped by his younger brother Luigi.

super mario and luigi

Best selling game in history

3. About 300 million copies of the Super Mario game series have been sold worldwide making it the best-selling game in history.

His name wasn't always Mario!

This most famous character from the video game was not always called Mario. His original name was Osan, which translated from Japanese means middle-aged man, and then Mr. Video and Jumpman and finally Mario.

The map in the game shows Japan

In the third sequel to Super Mario Bros., there is an island-shaped reminiscent of Japan, and the main castle is located where Kyoto would be Nintendo's hometown.

Mushrooms are inspired by real mushrooms

The mushrooms that help Mario grow are inspired by real mushrooms Amanita Mustaria, which are characterized by a strong psychoactive effect.

Amanita Mustaria mushroom

How many secret worlds are in the game?

While you may have known about Secret World -1, better known as Minus World, which is reached by descending into a tube at the end of World 1-2, you certainly didn't know that there are 256 more hidden levels throughout the game.

Sonic was inspired by Super Mario

The idea for making the game Sonic, in which the main character is the Hedgehog, arose while its creator was trying, again and again, to cross the first level of Super Mario in as little time as possible.

Sonic Game

Mario was originally a carpenter, not a plumber

He also appears as a doctor in the play Dr. Mario from 1990 and in its sequels, and the goal is to stack capsules and kill germs.

Dr. Mario World

Luigi was named after a pizzeria

It is believed that the name of Mario's brother Luigi was inspired by a pizzeria located near Nintendo's representative office in America, in Washington.

Bowser is not such a negative character

Bowser, the main villain from the series of Super Mario games, appears as a good guy in 1996 in the sequel to Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars, where he helps Mario to overcome obstacles.

Bowser Super Mario

The dark side of the story of Super Mario

The story behind this game is darker than you think. Namely, Bowser and koopalings are evil wizards who use black magic and turn everyone in the Kingdom into bushes, blocks, and mushrooms. The small walking mushrooms that appear in each level are the inhabitants of this kingdom who betrayed the others and joined the occupiers.

Bowser and koopalings

Almost everyone in the world can recognize music from Super Mario

The famous music from Super Mario better known as Ground Theme, composed by Koji Kondo, is one of the most recognizable music pieces that appeared in games and remained on the Billboard ringtone lists for as long as 125 weeks.

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