Terraria - good alternative to Minecraft - On This Day

The growing popularity of digital video game distribution has opened up space for the success of numerous independent studios and their products. However, that success a decade ago was largely determined by the indie game selling several hundred thousand copies. And then ten years ago came Terraria, a 2D game with a pixel art graphic style that has sold more than 35 million copies so far.

Terraria has offered an alternative to Minecraft with gameplay that revolves around exploring, digging, building, crafting, and fighting. The world in the game was procedurally generated and unique to each player. It is inhabited by various enemies such as zombies, demons, and the like.

The reason why Terraria has become so popular lies in several factors. First, it quickly appeared on all possible platforms, including even the Wii U and Windows Phone. Second, the game received numerous updates and updates after its release, which made it a far more meaningful game than after its release. And third, the game itself is very well received by critics, audiences, and the modding community on the PC.

Although Terraria 2 has been in development for some time, additional content for the first part has been coming up until now. It was in 2020 that the game received its final update called Journey’s End which includes graphic enhancements, over 1000 new items, and new gameplay modes.

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