Dying Light 2 - there will be no characters from the first part

Dying Light 2 - there will be no characters from the first part

Although we did not receive any information about Dying Light 2 last year, the Polish development studio Techland decided to make up for this "omission" by entering 2021. They recently started videos in which they answer numerous questions from Dying Light fans about the second part of this zombie parkour game. And while they talked about gameplay mechanics in the first video, the focus of the second was on factions, story, and characters.

Since Dying Light 2 takes place a few years after the original, fans were eager for an answer as to whether we would meet any surviving characters from the original. The answer is - we will not. The game’s chief designer, Tymon Smektała, confirmed this information after being asked about it. The reason lies in a simple thing - the action of Dying Light 2 takes place in a completely different place. However, although we will not see the famous faces, some characters will be mentioned below.

Smektała also confirmed that in DL2 we will not have the opportunity to develop modern technology because we are already familiar with it, and we would get bored quickly. Their vision through the depiction of the said game is to show what the future might look like after the apocalypse. It should be something like the modern Dark Ages, a popular name for the early Middle Ages of human history.

The burning question that has plagued all fans of the DL world for years is which ending is considered a canon in The Following DLC. The good thing is that we will finally find out in Dying Light 2. Dying Light The Following had two different endings.

Numerous fans consider the second ending canonical, but Techland has never given its answer. Given that the action of Dying Light 2 takes place in a completely different location, it is quite obvious which ending is right. Who knows, we may be mistaken, but we will find out everything once the said game comes into our hands.

As for the factions, we have learned nothing here that we do not already know. There will be two main ones: the Scavengers and the Peacekeepers, and the player will have to decide who he wants to side with. The option of independent crossing, without standing on the side of one or the other, is not enabled because it is not in the development study plan. In addition to these two main factions, in the game, we will come across several smaller ones, primarily through different tasks.

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