The controller for the PS 5 will reportedly get two new colors

The controller for the PS5 will reportedly get two new colors

Experience to date has taught gamers that white is not exactly the most attractive color choice for a controller in the long run. After a while, the white plastic turns yellow, and the only way to restore it to its original "shine" is to play a little chemist. PS 5 console owners currently have no choice because the standard DualSense controller model is only available in a combination of white and black. It is possible to paint it yourself, but the official offer does not currently offer controllers in other colors.

That is supposed to change very soon. According to rumors from the Spanish portal AreaJugones, which refers to a source close to Sony, we will soon launch two new versions of the DualSense controller. If those rumors are true, DualSense could appear in red and gray editions.

None of the above has been officially confirmed, but we all know that the emergence of new DualSense controller colors is only a matter of time. The mentioned source of this rumor has also proven to be a reliable source of information in the past, and before the official announcement, they revealed which games are coming as part of the PS Plus subscription.

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