The creators of Destiny have closed their office - it's too hot

The creators of Destiny have closed their office - it's too hot

We have already taken for granted the fact that the pandemic of COVID 19 resulted in delays in the development of games, and thus their delay in the market. The pandemic will pass one day, but instead, we may have a new justification for the slow development of games.

The classic one: the heat is heavy.

Yesterday, part of America recorded record high temperatures, and the worst was in the city of Seattle where over 40 degrees Celsius was measured. It was a real shock to the locals, considering that the average summer passes at a pleasant twenty degrees. For this reason, they do not have a great need for air conditioning.

But well, what does that have to do with the video game industry? Well, one of the bigger studios is based in Seattle - the Bungie development team, known for the Halo and Destiny series. It turned out that their offices weren’t exactly adapted for work while it was 40 degrees outside, so their employees were sent home and got a day off so they could sweat freely within their four walls.

This was forecast to be the current peak of the heatwave in the Washington region and the temperature should drop in the coming days. However, the question remains - will something like this happen so often in the future that it affects the development of games? Or rather, will the game evolve from the basement again in the future?

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