Streaming Xbox games came to PC, iPhone and iPad devices

Streaming Xbox games came to PC, iPhone and iPad devices

Playing selected titles in an Xbox Game Pass subscription has been possible for some time without having an Xbox console or gaming PC. For almost a year, the Xbox streaming service xCloud has been active on Android devices, which is integrated into Game Pass Ultimate and is the first service that can be described as Netflix for video games.

And just as Netflix works on a variety of devices, from PCs to tablets, xCloud now supports new platforms: the Windows 10 PC and the iPhone and iPad. On the PC, games are streamed from the Xbox via the Edge or Chrome browser, as well as on the console - this requires a subscription to the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

Streaming is limited to 1080p resolution and 60 frames per second, but the good news is that Microsoft has upgraded the servers so that games are now broadcast from hardware equal to the power of the Xbox Series X console. It is worth noting that not all games on the Game Pass are available for streaming, but you can choose from a selection of hundreds of titles, which is not a small amount.

Streaming via xCloud is currently supported in 22 countries. I'm honestly not sure if address forgery helps, since streaming is very important because of the proximity to servers, but if anyone has more experience with this, feel free to write us in the comments.

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