Former Riot developers have unveiled a new MMO called Palia

Former Riot developers have unveiled a new MMO called Palia

Not so long ago in 2018, Aidan Karabaich and Anthony Leung left Riot Games and founded Singularity 6 - a fusion of veterans from Riot Games, Blizzard Entertainment, and development studio Zynga. Today, after three years of dedicated work, the development studio has announced its first game named Palia, a community sim MMO title that resembles a fun blend of Sims and Animal Crossing.

What you can expect from Palia are relaxing nature, hanging out with friends, fishing, gardening, catching bugs, building and decorating your own home, and much more. Palia focuses on a world where people are considered a legendary race that disappeared thousands of years ago, while magically you and your friends emerged from nothing.

As in almost every MMO, the emphasis is on the community, so it is advisable to solve problems with friends. Singularity 6 promises "robust character creation capabilities" in terms of skin color and universal hairstyles, as well as a "flexible fashion system." Judging by Palie’s story, it is unlikely that players will be able to play with other races. Also, something characteristic of classic MMOs, Palia will present as Neighborhoods, the inherent equivalent of guilds.

One of the big positives is the ability to build and renovate your own home. The houses are pre-arranged so you won’t be able to make small villages with your friends. All in all, Singularity 6 adds that more than a thousand different decorative elements will be available as well as many editing options.

There is also a somewhat strange possibility that Palia offers, so you will be able to enter into a romantic relationship with unplayable characters. It seems a bit unusual for your friends to be in a relationship with the same person as you, but if that’s something that makes you happy, we’re not here to judge you.

Palia will enter the pre-alpha phase this summer, and you can apply to participate via the official website.

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