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The new Borderlands will be called Wonderlands

The new Borderlands will be called Wonderlands

Software development studio will announce some new things as part of the E3 fair in a little over a week. We’ll assume they didn’t opt for the presentation just to showcase the strategy game Homeworld 3, and if the rumors confirmed by several journalists are to be believed, they are preparing to present a spin-off game from the Borderlands series.

Reportedly, the game should be called Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands, and as the name suggests, the main role would be played by the eponymous Tina, who stood out in Borderlands 2 and is one of the fans' favorite characters in the entire series. In Borderlands 3 Tina grew up but remained silly as before.

Admittedly, it is mentioned that Wonderlands will be of a similar format as Borderlands, which means they will be able to play cooperatively and with more different classes. It’s possible, therefore, that Tiny Tina won’t be a playful character, but we’ll find out the truth on June 12, when Gearbox has its E3 presentation.

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