Ghosts of Tsushima no longer has a "only on PlayStation" sign - is the PC version close?

Ghosts of Tsushima no longer has a "only on PlayStation" sign - is the PC version close?
The redesign of the box for one of last year's biggest PlayStation exclusives - Ghosts of Tsushima - appeared on PlayStation Direct and Amazon. The label "Only on PlayStation" has disappeared from the redesigned box, which suggests that the samurai Jin may be the next to move to the PC platform with the recent Days Gone. In addition to Days Gone, there’s Horizon Zero Dawn, both former PS exclusives, which have also lost that label on newer versions of the boxes.

Still, PC gamers shouldn’t rejoice as quickly as it can also just mean that Jin will swing his sword on a separate PS5 version, as was the case with Miles Morales who also doesn’t have the controversial label. That story is supported by the lack of the same captions on some of the latest PS5 exclusives like Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart and Demon’s Souls, which may simply mean that Sony has completely rejected the use of this label for its more recent titles. On the other hand, The Last of Us Part II unlike Ghosts of Tsushima did not discard the controversial label, and the same is true with Uncharted 4 which was recently confirmed to also get a PC port.

And what to conclude from all this now?

We could still speculate what’s going on with Sony’s experimentation with branding the packaging of physical versions of games, but one thing’s for sure - and that is that Sony is planning to bring more exclusives to the PC. Just this month in an interview with the PlayStation Blog, PlayStation Studios leader Herman Hulst said, apart from the fact that consoles will always have priority when new titles come out, that Horizon Zero Dawn has been extremely successful on PC and that it gives wind in the back of arrival new PS titles on PC.

“I think Horizon Zero Dawn shows that there is a very appetite for players outside of PlayStation for the wonderful games that PlayStation players have enjoyed for years. We appreciate PC players, and we will continue to launch games on PC at a time we deem best, ”he added (of course), that the development of new PS games will never suffer due to the launch of older ones on PC.

What do you think, is Sony playing with the design of the PS5 disc box because it’s indecisive, or is it determined in the potential recent arrival of Ghosts of Tsushima on the PC?
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