Tekken and Street Fighter will fight again though?

Tekken and Street Fighter will fight again though?

Two of the most popular martial arts franchises have already battled it out in the crossover title Street Fighter X Tekken back in 2012. And it was a solid crossover sheet back from Capcom that connected the world of Tekken and Street Fighter in the Street Fighter engine, with recognizable 2D martial mechanics similar to those from SFIV.

Bandai Namco Studios then announced its version of this crossover sheet, only with the opposite name - Tekken X Street Fighter. That game was also supposed to connect these two fighting worlds, only with the 3D fighting mechanics from Tekken games. The game was announced back in 2010 and spent some time in development, but after a few years without news about the development of the game, in 2016 we received confirmation that it was put on hold. Tekken fans have never lost hope that they will be able to beat Blanka and Ryu in the Tekken engine, but after a few more years without any information about the game's development, hope has faded a bit.

And just these days, Tekken boss Katsuhiro Harada has nailed, seemingly, the last nail in the coffin of Tekken X Street Fighter. In his Youtube series called Harada’s Bar in fluent Japanese, he explained that the game was dead, that development had completely stopped.

Or is it not?

Namely, it was explained today that it was a translation error. Some finesse is lost in speech when translating from Japanese to English. Harada said that the game was "on pause" and not "dead" as initially thought.

“We still hope that Tekken x Street Fighter will continue to develop when the opportunity arises,” Harada said, giving a new grain of hope to all fans.

So, the mystery of Tekken X Street Fighter continues, and we hope that the “opportunity” Harada is talking about will come as soon as possible. We want to see Ryu perform the legendary Hadouken in the Tekken engine to hell!

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