The new Sherlock Holmes picked up the trick from Hitman, he can disguise himself as a woman

Sherlock Holmes has a new mission, far from London. He is located on the Mediterranean island of Cordona and learns that the locals are not very open to communication with a man from abroad. Therefore, Sherlock in the manner of Hitman will have to disguise himself and put himself in a certain role to extract information from different social strata.

Unlike Hitman, here, in addition to the suit, it will be possible to modify the look (mustache, beard, hairstyle), to the extent that Sherlock will be able to play characters of the opposite kind. Also unlike Hitman, here all uniforms will be unlocked and there will be no theft. Here's what it will look like:

We will play an adventure with the young and arrogant Sherlock sometime in 2021.

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