Twisted Metal: Black - On this day

Twisted Metal: Black - On this day

The Twisted Metal series has its roots in the era of the first PlayStation but gained its greatest glory by switching to the PlayStation 2. The first Twisted Metal for PS2 was Twisted Metal: Black in 2001, perhaps the darkest part of this car scam.

Twisted Metal was something we would describe today as a battle royale with vehicles, and it introduced us to a variety of characters who mostly came out of Blackfield, a mental institution. There were a total of 15 of these characters, both new and returnees. Ten of them were available from the start, and five of them had to be unlocked by playing.

Each Twisted Metal contestant had their own story with animations showing his origins, which was a novelty for this part of the series. They competed in a tournament in the middle of the city of Midtown, and the winner could make any wish and it would come true. 

Twisted Metal: Black picked up great ratings and grossed millions. He later received an add-on for online multiplayer, but his sequel, which was supposed to be called Harbor City, was eventually canceled.

After a separate game for the PlayStation Portable, the series resurrected briefly in 2012 on the PlayStation 3 platform. Sony did not write it off and the screening of Twisted Metal in the form of a television series is planned.

As of 2015, Twisted Metal: Black can be played in digital edition on the PlayStation 4 console and is also compatible with the PS5.

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