Bastion - On this day

Bastion - On this day

There are numerous examples of journalists in the gaming industry who subsequently began to develop video games and submitted some top works. For example, the screenwriters of Half-Life games initially wrote for various gaming portals, and probably the most famous example is former GameSpot editor Greg Kasavin, who wrote the indie hit Bastion in 2011.

Bastion came out on this day, initially as an exclusive for the Xbox 360. It was the first game of the independent studio Supergiant Games, an action RPG with an isometric view of combat. It was played in the role of a character named The Kid, in the post-apocalyptic world of the ruined city of Caelondia. The Kid had to gather materials for the Bastion, a flying place that was to serve as a refuge during the apocalypse.

Kid thus explored various devastation to upgrade the Bastion and met rare survivors there. It was a silent character who didn’t talk to others, but that’s why the game had a narrator in the form of a character called Ruck, who commented on virtually every action in the game. It was this narrator who was the greatest and best-accepted specificity in the Bastion.

The bastion was remembered as a game of sympathetic aesthetics, challenging gameplay, and great music. Supergiant was a good template for their later successes, which culminated in 2020 with a very similar Hades. By 2015, Bastion had sold more than a million copies, and except on the Xbox, it appeared on all other platforms. The latest version of the game was the one for the 2018 Nintendo Switch.

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