Company of Heroes 3 has been announced

Company of Heroes 3 has been announced

Our predictions were correct - Company of Heroes 3 was announced. This time the war stage is moving to the Mediterranean and North Africa. Battles will be fought in the Italian mountains and African deserts, and these terrains will pose a challenge for tactical outwitting. In Italy, the verticality of the maps will have a major impact on unit visibility, while in Africa it will be necessary to maneuver vehicles carefully across the desert.

Company of Heroes 3 promises the largest campaign in the series ’history, as well as the largest number of units available per game launch. The campaign will be run on a new, dynamic map and the gameplay will be of the sandbox type. we will have to establish resource supply lines, develop a partisan spying network, etc. There will also be a full tactical break in the single-player.

Among the units, special forces such as the Gurkha and U.S.-Canadian units are mentioned. The largest lineup of vehicles awaits us, and in combination with them, a deep system of destruction will go well. The units will be aware of the ruins that are forming around them and will seek shelter among them. The game will be powered by Relic's Essence Engine optimized for DirectX 12 and multi-core processors. They say the game will deliver movie action like a Hollywood blockbuster.

In addition to the campaign, skirmish modes and multiplayer have been confirmed. We will find out more about them later because the game is not close yet. It is currently in a pre-alpha state and you can apply for testing on the official website.

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