Diablo 4 brings a change in the look of the characters

Diablo 4 brings a change in the look of the characters

As we could already see in the first shots of the gameplay, Diablo 4 will have predefined classes and characters representing those classes. There, the game is traditional but will bring something that previous Diablo games did not have - the ability to modify the look of the characters themselves.

So, we will be able to choose skin color, hairstyle, and beard for our characters in Diablo 4, add tattoos and body paint, and even jewelry such as earrings, piercings, etc. Blizzard states that all combinations in appearance will be in the spirit of the game, that is, her world, so don’t expect to create flashy cyberpunk characters, for example.

The novelty is that all the equipment that the character wears will be able to be modified in appearance. As the armor is now very detailed, so is the range of colors that can be changed larger than ever. Separately, it will be possible to change the color of armor, boots, gloves, etc.

From Blizzard, they emphasize that they take special care that no combination and color deviates from the dark atmosphere and realistic look of the world. They have developed a system that reveals the type of material to be painted - eg fabric, metal, etc. The idea is that each type of material is reactive to light and looks different depending on whether the figure is in a lighted or dark space.

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