Dying Light 2 will have several new types of zombies

Dying Light 2 will have several new types of zombies

After a month and a half, the second episode of the show Dying Light 2 Know has been released, which Techland is showing on its official Twitch channel, all so that players and fans of the Dying Light world can get new information about the sequel to this zombie parkour game. And while the first episode focused on the overall state of the game, in the second we got a little more information about zombies.

As said, in Dying Light 2 we will come across four new types of zombies. Five in total, counting the recognizable Volatile from the original. Revenant, Banshee, Demolisher, and Howler will be the biggest threats below. Revenant is an intelligent zombie who looks most like a man, with spikes growing from his back. Banshee is a female zombie, and she is adorned with speed and agility. She is recognizable by her huge hands that serve as a weapon. The jewelry she wore as a woman before the infection has now merged with her skin.

Demolisher is the biggest and strongest zombie. Although he shares the same name with the one from the original, he is not related by blood. The demolisher in Dying Light 2 will have a slightly different design, and we’ll recognize it by the fact that it throws things at people and has blisters on it that glow at night. Howler looks reminiscent of The Mother from Dying Light The Following DLC. He is made as a hunter who seeks prey but does not engage in fighting. Once he notices the prey, he will start voting to summon other zombies.

In Dying Light 2, the biggest ally for players will be sunlight. The sun prevents zombies from moving faster and also helps control the spread of infection in humans. In addition to all this, Techland also showed gameplay in which we saw how sneaking among zombies works. Dying Light 2 Stay Human should be released on December 7 on PC, PlayStation 4, and 5, as well as Xbox One and X / S Series.

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