Multiplayer shooter Verdun is shared for free

Free multiplayer shooter Verdun is shared

I know we spread the rumor a week ago that Battlefield 1 would be shared for free. That turned out to be only partially true. Namely, Battlefield 1 can be obtained for free… by subscribing to Amazon Prime.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t get your dose of free warfare in World War I completely free this week. The multiplayer game Verdun will be distributed free of charge on the Epic Games Store until next Thursday (July 29).

Get Verdun for free (PC)

It is a tactical first-person shooter, oriented towards team play. It has five modes available and can be played by up to 64 players per match. Its maps are designed on real battlefields in France and Belgium, and the fight itself is realistic and brutal, to the extent that here a gas mask can save your life just like a rifle in your hand.

Verdun normally costs $ 17.50, and on this occasion, it remains in your possession permanently. It is a good ticket to a series of war games of this type because in addition to Verdun, we also have Tannenberg, and Isonzo is coming soon.

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