New Nintendo Switch (OLED Model) introduced

New Nintendo Switch (OLED Model) introduced

We said that Nintendo will announce a new model of its Switch console one boring afternoon, and here they are - today they officially presented the console that has been rumored for months. It's called the Nintendo Switch (OLED Model).

As the name suggests, the main novelty of this model is the OLED screen on which the image will look better than on older models thanks to the stronger contrast. The standard Switch had a 6.2-inch screen diagonal, while the new model brings a larger, 7-inch screen, but the same 720p resolution.

Although the console itself received an increase in the screen diagonal, its size remained the same, which is good news due to the compatibility of existing devices (Joy-Con and base stations) that will be able to pair with the new model.

In addition to the OLED screen, we have a few other welcome news. The internal memory of the game storage console in the new model will jump to 64 GB of space. The new base station will have a built-in LAN / Ethernet port that has not been present on standard models so far. The sound will also be improved, and the novelty is a better rear backrest for the console in handheld mode, which now extends throughout the device and can adjust the angle at which the console is leaned. 

New Nintendo Switch (OLED Model) introduced 2

Unfortunately for those who believed the rumors - it's all from the news. The new Switch will not support 4K resolution nor will it support Nvidia DLSS technology. It has also not been announced that it will in any way improve the performance of the games, either old or new.

The good news with all this is that the price will stay close to the current price. The Nintendo Switch (OLED Model) will cost $ 349.99. It will go on sale on October 8, 2021. It will be available in two color combinations: the classic red-blue and the new gray-black.

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