Ubisoft has seriously angered some players on the PC: they have charged them for a game they can no longer play

Ubisoft has seriously angered some players on the PC

About a month ago, Ubisoft shut down servers for its many games, from Assassin’s Creed 2 through Anno 1404 to Might & Magic X - Legacy. And while most of the games covered are still playable because they don't need an online component, the same can't be said for the aforementioned Might & Magic X - Legacy.

Shutting down the server for that game not only left online support, but the game could no longer run at all - not even in a single-player campaign that didn't require servers. Reason? Anti-piracy protection requires checking every time the game is started by connecting to Ubisoft's servers, which are no longer operational.

It was not a problem that Ubisoft launched an update that would remove anti-piracy protection after shutting down the game server. But - they didn't, so the players who legally bought the game were left with no way to run it legally.

There was little hope that Ubisoft would resolve the situation at a later date, but things only got worse. Yesterday, Ubisoft, after more than a month of shutting down the server, removed Might & Magic X from sale on Steam. By doing so, they gave a kind of sign that they do not plan to fix the game to those players who have already bought it.

Of course, the reaction of the players was negative, so everyone started to leave negative reviews on Steam, with criticism directed exclusively at Ubisoft. Some say that this is a drop in the bucket and that they will never buy Ubisoft's game again, while others call this practice legal robbery of players.

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