Tails of Iron is a 2D soulslike adventure in the rat kingdom

Tails of Iron is a 2D soulslike adventure in the rat kingdom

Soulslike is a term that can often be heard in the world of games because games like to be inspired by good combat mechanics. One of them is the announced Tails of Iron which is a 2D action-adventure with a focus on combat. Namely, here we will play as Redgi, who is the successor to Rat Throne, and the whole game takes place in a world with hand-drawn graphics.

Our task will be to return to our kingdom, and this will take us to explore and discover different paths and secrets through the six biomes. Of course, there will be a lot of fights along the way that are brutal according to the developers. The whole adventure will be accompanied by an interesting story narrated by Geralt's voice, ie actor Doug Cockle.

During this trip, we will collect various equipment, gather companions to help us during missions, and complete secondary tasks. There will be more inventions of blueprints for creating powerful weapons as well as collecting rare ingredients so you can make yourself healthy potions. Of course, bigger bosses will also be present because they are soulslike games without big opponents.

Tails of Iron will be playing from September 17 on PC, PlayStation, and, Xbox platforms and the Nintendo Switch.


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