The Xbox brings limits on how much money kids are allowed to spend on games

The Xbox brings limits on how much money kids are allowed to spend on games

Last year, Xbox received the Xbox Family Settings app, which expanded existing options for parental control over console usage. Some of these options allow you to limit the time a child spends on the Xbox, increasing it during the weekend and decreasing it in the middle of the week when it’s school.

Parental control when using consoles is not a novelty in itself and is applied today almost everywhere when it comes to technology, but while somewhere these options do not change too much, the Xbox is now introducing some innovations.

Thus, according to user feedback, the Xbox application has now added the option to limit the amount of real money spent in games, ie more parameters have been added based on which it is possible to personalize spending - primarily to younger users, but perhaps to yourself.

In addition to setting an amount limit, parents will know when a child will want to buy some digital gaming content, and if the price exceeds the set budget, kids will be able to request additional money for some skin through the "Ask to buy" option.

Microsoft states that this system is "great for rewarding children." For example, they state that in this way you can add extra money to them when they complete their weekly obligations or if they achieve a good grade on a math test.

While such options are welcome, it’s a bit ridiculous to Microsoft’s subtle suggestion that parents reward a child by paying him money into an Xbox account. It is almost as if they are cautiously emphasizing that this option does not deprive the child of the possibility of paying in games but only gives him money on a dropper.
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