Warzone gets a Payload mode tomorrow

Warzone gets a Payload mode tomorrow

We could be naughty and say that the more new content comes into Call of Duty, the more opportunities there are for a bunch of new bugs that are plentiful anyway. However, before the arrival of the reboot of Modern Warfare in 2019, we know for ourselves that Activision was charging the smallest additional content in its Call of Duty games, so we will not be mean when we hear that the new tradition of giving continues in the fourth season of Cold War and Warzone, with the already standard so-called. Season Reloaded update.

This time, the tray offers us mostly what was already announced at the beginning of the season, and that is primarily for zombie fans a new chapter Dark Aether or the map Mauer Der Toten. Translated from German, this would mean "wall of the dead", but I guess Activision wanted to look more mystical and original, so the German name of the map sounds less clichĂ©d compared to the English translation (Wall of the Dead). But we said we wouldn't be naughty, so in our sea of ​​Mauer Der Toten madness (and other zombie maps) we single out a new tactical crafting weapon - the equally naughty LT53 Casimir grenade.

See Mauer Der Toten Trailer:


Moving away from Cold War, the real action will take place in Warzone which gets Payload mode, which will be entirely based on one task and whose inspiration draws from Sledgehammer’s War mode Call of Duty: WW2. These will be 20v20 teams that will have to defend / sabotage vehicles on a given route, and the successful escorting of these vehicles will bring victory to the team. To prevent this from happening, the opposing team will take care of it, which can successfully complicate the way vehicles go by, among other things, being able to build certain obstacles to slow them down. What kind of construction is meant, and whether it was Warzone lightly infected with the Fortnite strain, we’ll wait until tomorrow and see. 

The continuation of the fourth season will also bring the Blueprint Blitz event in Warzone, some new playlists in Cold War, but also two new weapons, of which OTs 9 SMG will, we have no doubt, stir up the imbalance of other weapons in Verdansk. This time Activision wasn’t even ashamed to openly admit it, saying this SMG was created to stand up to the current best SMGs. Cold War will again be free to try out, starting July 22nd. to July 29, so if you grabbed the extra hard on the action, let it feel (too) useful. 

You will discover other things tomorrow if you download between 13 and 18 gigabytes for Cold War and 8 and 11 for Warzone. Not so scary, since the range includes all available platforms.

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