A thinner PlayStation 5 model went on sale

A thinner PlayStation 5 model went on sale

A month ago, we learned that Sony has prepared the first revision of the PlayStation 5 console, but only for the Digital model console. The new PS5 Digital versions carry the CFI-11XX number and have two differences over the original models: they are approximately 300 grams lighter and come with a different screw for the console stand.

Now those consoles are quietly going on sale. The Australian portal Press-Start spotted them in the Australian market, and we got a concrete insight into exactly how the stand screw was changed.

As you can see in the image below, the screw now has a plastic trim so it can be twisted with your fingers and doesn’t look for a screwdriver, unlike the screw that comes with the original PlayStation 5 model.

PlayStation 5 screws

The first revision of the PS5 Digital Edition will likely appear in other markets, it is not known when. The changes on this model are minimal, although it is not yet known what exactly has been changed to make the console 300 grams lighter and how it relates to its performance, primarily the operating temperature.

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